mulchMulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. It is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, and make the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches also help improve the soil's fertility, as they decompose, and are a cost effective and preferred class of mulch.

Organic mulches are composed of natural materials that eventually break down and provide nutrients to improve the soil.

Shredded wood and bark chips
Composted Manure
Grass Clippings
Shredded Leaves

Inorganic mulches are created from man made material or stone.
Plastic Sheets or Landscape Fabric
Shredded rubber or synthetic rubber chips


TopsoilTopsoil is composed of clay, silt, sand, and other organic matter that is removed from the top 12" of earth during development projects. It is useful for grading and is sometimes used for direct planting if it is of suitable quality. The actual composition of this soil will depend on local soil since topsoil is not typically shipped very far due to freight costs.

Garden soil is topsoil enriched with compost and organic matter to make it better suited to actual plant growth. The addition of compost will reduce compaction and also provide nutrients that will feed the plants over many years. While this soil is more expensive initially, it oftentimes pays for itself due to improved plant health, reduced irrigation requirements, and better long-term results.

We work with all kinds of mulch and edging techniques, that provide benefits to your grounds. Call us today and let us be the labor for your landscaping!


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